Rights Managed Licenses

Rights Managed Digital Licenses

A Rights Managed License allows corporate clients exclusive use of an image on a per-use basis for a specified period of time. When an image is licensed, it will no longer be available until the contract expires. As we are able to track sales and use, this ensures our clients will be able to build a unique look, brand awareness, and corporate identity, without the possibility that the same image will be used by a competitor for a similar purpose.

Why not Royalty Free?

A Royalty Free license allows perpetual use for a small one time fee. There is no exclusivity and brand protection, nor conditions on the time, nature, or amount of use. Plus, sharing an image with competitor can be just plain embarrassing!

Many satisfied clients

Exploring Light Photography has sold Rights Managed Licenses to a long list of corporate clients for many purposes including corporate decor, book covers, textbooks, and advertisements. Clients include Viacom, Amazon, British Airways, and many others (list here). Our rights managed licenses are priced based on industry guidelines. To purchase a license, click "More information" under the photograph, followed by "Rights Managed License." Your high resolution image will be available for immediate download. If you can't find what you are looking for, I maintain a stock library of thousands of images and would be happy to research your request and assemble a proof gallery.

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