"...when I found Exploring Light while searching for a Grand Canyon print, I was hooked. The prints are so dramatic in person. My prints really fit our house well."

"I’ve never seen a print that looked so three-dimensional! Just beautiful!"

"Chris has a wonderful sense of balance of light values, contrast, and seeing the combination of straight and curved lines. His images have the subtle interplay of color and black and white tones while retaining their respective crispness."


"One of the most evocative mountain photographs I have seen in a long while...."

"The print is so three dimensional, I feel like I can just walk into the scene."

"When I opened the package I was blown away..."

"To say I am pleased with my print would be an understatement. It is better than I could have ever imagined."

"My print is everything I hoped for; I especially like the depth of the scene, which allows my mind to wander."

"Having amassed a small collection of your work, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing my home to life. Our guests are amazed at your work, and your prints have become a consistent conversation piece with guests."

"This is one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in a while. It makes me want to be there. Just gorgeous!"

"I have many prints displayed in my office, and yours is by far the most impressive."

"The way you use light to bring out the landscape is amazing."

"The colors are so striking, I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at your incredibly beautiful print."

"This may be my most favorite landscape shot ever! No words–just lovely!!!"

"The lighting makes it look magical."

"My print seems so amazingly “touchable”!! I keep reaching out, expecting to be able to touch the sides of the canyon!"

"I can hardly add to the litany of worthy descriptions; amazing photos, Chris!"

"All I can say is ‘Amazing’. I cannot take my eyes away from the sky/clouds. Wow! Every once in awhile I see a shot that takes my breath away, this is one of them."

"Chris, Really love my print! You captured this setting really nicely. Awesome color, composition. Your eye is drawn into the picture."

"We are so lucky you are willing to go near and far at all hours to capture the best the world has to offer. You are a master photographer and a guardian of the earth."

"Ever since seeing your photos hanging in the airport, we have been lucky enough to collect your work. Each time I receive a print I cannot wait to order another one!"

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