OneVision, artist edition prints, limited edition, exclusive

Introducing: Collections

by Exploring Light Photography

New and stunning ways to display your fine art prints

9/8/16 10:00 PM

When browsing our main portfolio page on a desktop computer, you will see a new set of collections, featuring new and stunning means to display your fine art prints.


A small selection of our masterworks are available as exclusive ONEVision™ Artist Edition acrylic mounted prints in editions of 15 within the limited edition. Each print is registered and shipped with a hand signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity designated "ONEVision Artist Edition," which guarantees the original work.

Nature, squared

"Nature, squared" is a collection of intimate views of the many facets of nature. Perfect for small spaces or grouped together to create a visually stimulating montage, each print measures 10"x10" and is printed on your choice of canvas, metal, or Lumachromic acrylic face mount, ready to hang. These may be purchased as a set, or create your own custom montage.


A panoramic aspect ratio is a modern and increasingly popular means of displaying a fine art photograph. Included are a selection of panoramic images, some of which have been reformatted to panoramic from their original dimension.


A unique way to display large panoramic prints, the mosaic collection includes panoramic prints split into three panels (triptych presentation) hung one inch apart. Offered as metal prints and acrylic face mounted prints. Feel free to contact me to request a mosaic presentation of your favorite photograph not included in this collection.

One Hundred and Fifty

A selection of photographs offered in editions of fifty or one hundred as opposed to the standard run of 200. Prices in increase in quartiles as prints are sold through the edition.


Reducing the elements of an image to black and white or varying tones of one color forces a reliance on tones and contrast to create the dimension in the photograph. Their deceiving simplicity creates an understated but powerful artistic impact and presentation.

Unique Edition

Unique Edition prints are the MOST exclusive print anyone can own. Only ONE copy of this photograph will ever be printed. This is targeted strictly for art collectors or anyone who wants to own a one of a kind piece of fine art photography.