New Release- Edge of the Earth

New Work Release: EDGE OF THE EARTH

Where land meets ocean... where trails end and wilderness begins...

8/22/16 12:00 AM

"The greatest reward is not what we capture, but rather how we seek it. It is immersion in a wild Earth and an experience that goes far beyond photography. It is a pristine wilderness filled with challenges that are far better to explore than describe." That was the opening paragraph of the invitation I received 18 months ago for a hell-in/heli-out backpacking trip this summer in the mountains, glaciers, and ice fields of the Pacific Ranges, a vast untouched wilderness in the southernmost region of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, spanning over 40,000 square miles.

Just 5 weeks before the trip, I sustained a severe ligament tear in my ankle (just to the point of not needing surgery). I spent 2 of the 5 weeks on crutches, and the remaining 3 with a progressively improving limp. I did everything I could to heal, but knew the hiking would be difficult and painful. Canceling the trip was not an option for me.

After a three day weather delay setting out, we were dropped off on the foot of a glacier at 6000 feet. Setting out with a 79lb pack and ankle brace, I pressed on, but slower than normal. Just the scouting hike on the first day across the slippery meadows almost brought me to tears in pain. But the first sunset of the trip, I limped over to this patch of lupines not far from camp and photographed this amazing scene. I forgot about the pain. I realized why I came here. There were no words.

This trip gave new meaning to the words,"the greatest reward is not what we capture, but rather how we seek it." The photographs I captured on this trip are more meaningful to me than anything else in my portfolio. To me, they represent the beauty of untouched nature, adventure, and perseverance through adversity and injury. I hope you enjoy them.

Self Portrait

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"...intimate and epic..."
"Amazing how you find such gorgeous and untouched scenes such as these..."